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“Nigeria Is A Land Of Opportunities” – Nze Chidi Duru Urges Youths to Harness Nigeria’s Vast Opportunities

"Nigeria Is A Land Of Opportunities" - Nze Chidi Duru Urges Youths to Harness Nigeria's Vast Opportunities

Nze Chidi Duru, Chairman of Grand Towers Limited, urged Nigerian youth to harness the country’s vast opportunities in hospitality, fintech, and real estate, sharing his belief in Nigeria’s potential for success during the APC Youth Wing Workplace Readiness Training Program in Abuja.

Nze Chidi Duru, the chairman of Grand Towers Limited, delivered an inspiring speech emphasizing the abundant opportunities in Nigeria.

Speaking at the All Progressive Congress (APC) Youth Wing Workplace Readiness Training Program in Abuja, the Grand Tower Limited Boss reflected on his own experiences from 30 years ago, when he chose to stay in Nigeria despite the allure of moving abroad for better prospects, known today as “Japa.”

“Nigeria is a land of opportunity and when I say this, please believe me because I was in your shoes 30, perhaps years ago, I believed in this country. And I was one of those that, despite the attraction to my greatness, what is now called Japa, to leave the country to seek for a greener pasture out of this country.

“I remain steadfast to my conviction. I remain steadfast to my belief that the opportunities that we are looking outside we can easily attend it here in Nigeria,” Mr. Duru recalls.

Belief in Nigeria

Mr. Duru shared his steadfast belief that the opportunities many Nigerians seek abroad can be found within Nigeria. He used his own success as a testament to what the country can offer.
While many of his peers went overseas for education and business, he chose to stay and build his future in Nigeria.

Today, he finds himself better off in various aspects—financially, socially, and in status—compared to those who left.

Mr. Duru continued; “Why my colleagues found it necessary to migrate to school, to school overseas, to set up business overseas, people like us voted with our heart and remained in this country.

“And 30 years down the line, when we do a comparative analysis, both in numbers financially, both in status, both in standing, I would like to commend that perhaps we are much more better of staying in Nigeria than if we were outside.”

Real Estate Example

Mr. Duru highlighted the potential in the Nigerian real estate market. He explained that buying land, even in less prominent areas like Kuje, and making minimal improvements like fencing can lead to significant appreciation in value.

Historically, land value in Nigeria has been shown to appreciate by over 50%, and in some cases, it can double or even quadruple over a decade. This kind of value creation, he argued, is unmatched anywhere else in the world.

Giving an example, the Grand Towers boss said “If you buy a plot of land today, anywhere in Nigeria, and you mode block, you fence that building, that land. The value of that land historically have been shown to appreciate by over 50%.

“And here what I’m saying, the value of that land is shown to appreciate by over 50%. So, you invest $10,000, don’t look at my summer, don’t look at Use, don’t look at Aso Rock. Go for that down to Kujee or wherever. Buy a plot of land. Start by moulding block in that land. Fence that property, the value of that property is merely increased by 50%. I know what it does for you.

“In another one year, two years, three years, four years down the line. Ten years down the line, the value of that property goes back, goes over another 100%. And you can never get it better, other than in this environment. It is only in this environment that you can have opportunities to see a quadruple of value creation in a quantum that cannot be revived anywhere in the world.”

Opportunities in FinTech

Mr. Duru also sees immense potential in Nigeria’s FinTech sector, driven by young people aged 16 to 20.

“I see opportunity here in my FinTech business as people like you, people in the 16, 17, 18 years, 20 years. And these are people who are making things happen in this country.

He encouraged the youth to believe in their ideas and abilities, assuring them that there are investors like him who are eager to support innovative and disruptive businesses.

Call to Action

He urged the youth to “vote with their talent” and remain in Nigeria to make a difference. Vision and self-belief, he emphasized, are key to seizing these opportunities.

Mr. Duru committed to connecting young entrepreneurs with networks of Nigerians interested in investing in groundbreaking ventures.

Encouraging the youths, he said “I think the best you can do is to vote with your talent, to vote with your ability, and to trust that you will make it happen. You only need to be visionary. You only need to believe in yourself, and that opportunity will happen.

“And if you do have that great idea to change the landscape, to make things happen in Nigeria, people like us are looking for opportunities to invest our money. And there are many more. And if you reach out to us, we will also show you a network of Nigerians who are looking for talents, who are looking for opportunities, who are looking for disruptive businesses, for which only you, the younger generation can provide.

In conclusion, Mr. Duru wished the program’s participants success and expressed hope that the national leader would report positive outcomes at the end of the week.
His message was clear: Nigeria is a land of great potential, and with the right mindset and determination, its youth can achieve remarkable success.

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